Continental Level


At the Continental Level.

1. To provide a coordinating framework for active engagement with other continents and organisations on best practices in sustainability and social responsibility;

2. To engage relevant continent-wide multi-lateral organisations on attaining mutually-beneficial outcomes on sustainable development;

3. To foster partnerships and cooperation between the various African governments, the private sector and non-profit organisations as well as a more responsible business environment through impact investing at various African regions for continent-wide development;

4. Facilitate and promote corporate participation and public-private partnerships in all aspects of Africa’s development;

5. To seek, accept and manage funds, grants and donations for the purpose of executing sustainability-focused initiatives, interventions and projects. Design and implement multi-partner projects and initiatives from funds received as stated above;

6. Provide Technical support to the Private, Non-Profit and Public sector organisations as well as Multi-lateral Organisations on Sustainability & Sustainable Development;

7. Facilitate capacity development of relevant professionals, stakeholders and funders on foundation’s core focus areas and thematic direction;