Monaem Ben Lellahom

Our Trustee.

Monaem Ben Lellahom.

Monaem is a pioneer and thought leader in the corporate sustainability and responsibility (CSR) practices in the broaden MEA region. He was the 1st social return on investment (SROI) practitioner in the Arab world from the UK SROI Network mastering social impact measurement, managing research programs and authored research reports to demonstrate the social value generated of community development work through SROI analysis.

Monaem focuses on developing sustainability strategies and programs for clients across various industries, conducting gap analysis and community needs assessments and studying socio-economic (SEIA) progress in various issues related to development projects, youth engagement, women entrepreneurship, social inclusiveness and business responsibility. Monaem also has extensive knowledge of sustainable value chains and product transparency, and the linkages between sustainability and branding.

Monaem is a co-founder and head of sustainability consultancy services at Sustainable Square Consultancy and Think Tank, a regional United Arab Emirates based consultancy providing niche-localized CSR and sustainability practices while improving organizations’ business operations, optimizing their internal processes and enhancing the well being of our communities. Monaem also serve in the editorial and advisory board of CSR Competitiveness a the monthly magazine devoted to corporate sustainability & competitiveness in India.

Monaem is also a founder of Thrive Arabia, a sole initiative that has started to serve as an independent business management consultant, trainer and a lecturer in the Arab world. He is an expert in providing highly relevant and customized content. His programs have helped many people and companies to achieve a sudden shift in perspective that has radically changed their lives and operations for the better. He has provided numerous lectures, moderation and training courses on management topics (like leadership,corporate sustainability & responsibility (CSR), climate change & environment, innovation and excellence) around the world (e.g. Turkey, Brazil, Netherlands, Qatar, Oman, UAE, Jordan, Lebanon ..etc).

Monaem is passionate about sustainability and believes that all entities have a responsibility to contribute positively to the development of their environment and communities. He is also passionate about cooking, playing music, exploring the nature and living the desert-bedouins’ life.