Network Partners

Network Partners.

The following organisations have so far supported our work and we commend their vision and commitment to sustainability in Africa. FSRA welcomes partnership opportunities and collaborative initiatives, which boost the vision of the organization.

Africa Impact Group.

Africa Impact Group is an advisory firm driven by the knowledge that supporting innovating African entrepreneurs is the best approach to addressing development challenges in the region. Our mission is to scale up promising social business models in West Africa and connect social entrepreneurs with impact investors, resources, and partners to support the growth of innovative practices.

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Next Generation.

Next Generation Consultants is a Professional Management and Business Consultancy that specialises in transforming businesses into successful, profitable, sustainable and responsible enterprises. Since 2003, we have assisted corporates, small and medium enterprises, government departments, family-owned businesses, franchises, public benefit organisations and entrepreneurs all over South Africa, to realign their businesses for sustained growth. Our vision is to contribute significantly to the continuous economic transformation of South Africa through the work we do – and to do it in an economically, socially and environmentally responsible way.

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Sustainable Square.

Sustainable Square is a regional Middle East and North Africa (MENA) sustainability and thought-leadership consultancy based in Dubai (UAE). It provides cutting-edge sustainability, social investment and impact measurement (SROI) strategies, practices and advice – while improving organizations’ business operations, optimizing their internal processes and enhancing the well being of regional communities.

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ThistlePraxis Consulting.

ThistlePraxis Consulting is a Management Consulting firm that assists organizations in all sectors improve their organizational effectiveness and business operations to achieve sustainable growth and profitability through the delivery of innovative solutions, using effective strategies. In a summarized focus through a six-point portfolio, our committed teams and seasoned faculty of experts advocate standards, responsibility and sustainability as key elements for ensuring profitability and tangible impact. Our track record of value is hinged on an increasing list of satisfied clients and investments in pragmatic products and thought leadership initiatives that resonate with targets, every time.

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